Girl alone

May 1 2022

Why do I feel like no one cares for me?

"No one really cares for me" is a common presentation within the therapy room and it ...
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Image to shows how worry causes lots of stress.

Feb 16 2022

CBT to Stop Worry

“Don’t worry, what will be will be.” If only it were that easy to banish worries! ...
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Image Showing All or Nothing Thinking and what you can do about it.

Oct 27 2021

CBT for All or Nothing Thinking | geraldineclairetherapy Wilmslow

Are you someone who really struggles with managing your emotions? Can your emotional state go from ...
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Woman looking upset with a helping hand beckoning her

Aug 2 2021

Supporting someone who has a mental health condition

Watching someone you love experience the symptoms of a long term mental health problem is tough. ...
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Mar 10 2021

Schema Therapy – what to expect

Schema Therapy is an integrative psychotherapy to help people understand and address repeated life patterns. The ...
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Feb 15 2021

Schema Therapy – A new psychotherapy

Schema Therapy was founded by Dr Jeffrey Young. Dr Young originally worked with Dr Aaron Beck, ...
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Image showing that DBT can help BPD and is accessed in Wilmslow.

Sep 8 2020

BPD? Introducing DBT.

Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD) can cause overwhelming emotions, critical thoughts, destructive behaviours and difficulty within relationships. ...
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Image of an anxious face turning into a calm face.

Aug 7 2020

Grounding Techniques

Living under persistent stress or experiencing a trauma can cause emotions to become dysregulated and out ...
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Image of someone traumatised sat in despair.

Jul 27 2020

Introducing Trauma

If you have experienced trauma, CBT can help. Based in Wilmslow, I specialise in providing trauma ...
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Jun 16 2020

Stay Motivated – a poem to keep you going.

We've all had times when we feel like giving up. We might lose faith in the ...
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image of online therapy computer button.

Apr 8 2020

Online Therapy

If you're reading this because you're curious about accessing online psychotherapy, you've come to the right ...
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Apr 7 2020

Coping With The Covid Lockdown

Right now we're living through something no one on this planet has ever lived through before. ...
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Imager showing how CBT links thoughts, feelings and behaviours.

Mar 10 2020

Introducing CBT | Therapy In Wilmslow

CBT is a psychotherapy that has worldwide recognition as a leading intervention for a range of ...
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Feb 5 2020

Unhelpful Thoughts

We all know what it’s like when thoughts get stuck in our head. Us humans have ...
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Image of an unhappy person,

Oct 24 2019

Self Acceptance

One of the greatest gifts we can give to ourselves is the gift of Self Acceptance ...
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work place stress

Aug 26 2019

Work Related Stress

We spend most of our adult life working, so if we love our job that's great. ...
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